Twelve years ago today our nation was attacked by terrorists with the singular mission to destroy the United States.  They failed in their attempt to weaken our nation.  In actuality, Al-Qaeda awakened a sleeping dragon on 9/11, uniting Americans around the nation. President Bush's impromptu speech atop a buried fire truck at Ground Zero telling the terrorists that they will "hear from all of us soon!" rallied America. That was leadership at the right place, with the right message, at the right time.

Fast forward to today, the 12 year anniversary of 9/11 and we are left wondering and wanting on America's leadership.  President Obama addressed the nation last night on the non-American crisis in Syria. The speech was not about rallying a nation or explaining why we should attack Syria, but rather, a speech to cover up bumbling foreign policy that was saved by all people, Russian President Vladimir Putin.   

Putin capitalized on Sec. State John Kerry's "rhetorical" comment that a "small" attack by the US can be averted, if Syria just surrendered its chemical weapons.  Kerry would try to downplay the comment, but it was too late.  Putin, an ally to Syria's regime, swooped in to say Russia will remove the chemical weapons.  This action exposed how ineffective and inept the Administration is on foreign policy, which has embarrassed itself and our nation before the entire international community.

What's so curious about this debacle, is for the last 2 years, Syria's President Assad has killed over 100,000 of his people and even gassed them in March with no US response. But in August, chemical weapons killed 1,500, which is horrible, but why now?  Why us, US? 

It's not like the rebels are pro-America!! In fact, the rebels are in bed with Iran, Al-Qaeda  So why risk our troops, our national interests and political capital for a lose-lose cause?

The one answer is a lack of leadership by our president.  His incompetence and ego has embarrassed our nation and he had to go on national TV to cover his ass.  You know it's bad when our greatest ally, Great Britain, voted NO flipping way.

Twelve years ago, the free world joined us in solidarity.  Today, the free world is scrambling away from us. 

We will always remember 9/11. Let that memory help us choose our future leaders.  Today, America is weaker, but not by Al-Qaeda, but from within our borders.  Our lack of leadership in the White House and Congress has undermined the confidence of our allies. The recent scandal of the NSA spying on our allies hasn't helped.  America is the greatest nation in the history of the humankind. We lead the free world, but we must have competent leadership (from both parties!!) here at home.

The 2014 and 2016 elections are vital and voting Americans need to remember that proven leadership is a key element for any/all candidates.