Every year, tens of thousands of land use projects are delayed, disrupted or defeated by obstructionist forces mobilizing under the banner of NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard).

Every year, thousands of corporate developers spanning every sector (energy, retail, housing, commercial, industrial, health care, multi-family, mixed use, infill, affordable housing) roll the dice hoping that their project will be overlooked by status quo opponents.  

RESULT:  Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars in economic development and millions of good-paying jobs are lost, because of anti-development activists who know how to defeat multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations and their sustainable real estate projects.

NIMBY is a widely known, but narrowly understood enigma.  For over 20 years, I've studied, researched, written, spoken and consulted on this subject. By default, I've become a NIMBY Expert who has now set out on a mission to eliminate the causes and the crises that lead to anti-development victories over sustainable real estate projects across the nation. 

In order to accomplish my mission of eliminating NIMBYism in America, I've written a groundbreaking (pun intended) E-Guide, NIMBY Break Glass in Case of Emergency. 

Two Reasons for My Groundbreaking FREE E-Guide

There are two reasons for offering my FREE E-Guide, NIMBY: Break Glass in Case of Emergency.  First is to help corporate professionals immediately overcome and defeat obstructionist opposition attacking their sustainable real estate projects.  Second is to educate a broader audience of executives, investors, and land use professionals on “how-to” reduce the risks associated with NIMBY to pass more projects, in less time, at less cost, with less uncertainty. 

Together, we can reduce the risks of NIMBY. It begins with this E-Guide.

What Makes a NIMBY Expert

I’m considered a NIMBY Expert, but such a label has little meaning in an industry that has nominal understanding of how vocal obstructionists effectively and consistently defeat multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations at the local level. 

Certainly, my prior experience as a Florida mayor qualifies my expertise in the area of defeating obstructionists, but that’s only part of it.  As a public relations consultant, I’ve successfully changed the minds of millions of stakeholders in the political, public affairs and government relations arenas, but that’s not all of it.  What I consider the X-Factor of expertise is my knowledge of organizational leadership and processes that, in the case of NIMBY controversies, underperforms, giving rise to local opposition, or what I call the NIMBY Law of Attraction.   

How to Get Your FREE E-Guide?

You can get your FREE E-Guide, NIMBY: Break Glass in Case of Emergency one of two ways:

1.  On my website www.PatrickSlevin.com you can sign up for this and future FREE E-Guides or go below to Sign Up For FREE E-Guide.

2.  Email P.SL7@patrickslevin.com subject line "Send Me My Free NIMBY Crisis E-Guide".  

Once you receive it, please share my E-Guide with your partners, colleagues and friends. The more professionals who learn how to prevent and defeat NIMBYism, the more progress our economy will experience, benefiting communities from coast-to-coast.  Thus, accomplishing my mission for the greater good.