Today’s digital grapevine rapidly spreads rumors and gossip leading to the greatest threat to real estate development projects.  Gossip often rears its ugly head during the earliest stages of the application process.  The digital grapevine is the prima-cord that blows up the facts and misconstrues projects, typically months before the application is officially submitted to the planning department or municipality.  By the time the application is submitted, fears, anxieties and perceptions have already been established, placing the project in a vulnerable position for ambush by opportunistic obstructionists.   

Here are more X-factors that leave sustainable real estate projects that fast tracks gossip leading to higher and costly risks of NIMBY problems:

·       Local Officials Running for Re-Election

·       Archaic Notice & Hearing Process

·       Petition Drives

·       Charter Amendments & Ballot Box Referendums

·       Bias Media (David v. Goliath Narrative)

·       Digital & Social Media

·       Outdated Professional Practices & Rules of Engagement

What business practices are you employing to effectively pre-empt and prevent your projects from being demonized by self-serving obstructionist interests?  

About Patrick Slevin

Patrick Slevin, a former Florida mayor, has earned a national reputation as a speaker, author, trainer and C-Suite consultant who specializes in deterring, diminishing and defeating status quo opposition infamously known as NIMBY.  

Mr. Slevin provides multinational and regional clients strategic communications, stakeholder engagement and corporate training services focused on thoughtfully reducing the risks of status quo resistance to corporate real estate development.

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