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Donald J. Trump changed the paradigm of presidential communications by using Twitter to bypass the Mainstream Media and effectively communicate directly to the American people. President Trump's "base" is supported by tens of thousands of loyal and dedicated Twitter influencers championing his #MAGA (Make America Great Again) agenda to millions of their respective Twitter followers. 

THE INFLUENTIAL conducted a random survey of "Trump Twitter Influencers" who communicate every day, aggregately, to over half-a-million Twitter followers.  Their tweets, in turn, reaches millions of other Trump voters in the Twitterverse.  In many cases, President Trump himself, retweets and messages from this Twitter Force.  I asked these Patriots why they took to Twitter for Trump, and what do they hope to accomplish in supporting our President to #MAGA. 

FemalesForTrump, Stable Genius in  👠Stilettos | @FemalesForTrump | 101K Followers | PA

I did NOT understand the first thing about Twitter before Pres Trump & First Lady Melania Trump came down the escalator announcing his run. That moment was when, “I KNEW” America needed this man to MAGA and is when my Twitter journey began. Then, Candidate Trump, was truly who inspired me to become active on Twitter. My early passions were government waste and fake polling. I tweeted every monstrous example of wasteful spending along with the millions and billions wasted. My tweets were equally vocal on the fake and fraudulent polling. Exposing the liars became increasingly easier with this huge support system along side me. These two topics were a turning point with my followers. The audience grew rapidly. By now, I knew Twitter provided a platform for sharing “the truth” and a would play a vital role in the irrelevancy of the MSM and the psychological manipulation they were accustomed to. Going forward, the best approach with my account is to continue to RT the President's truth and equally as important is to help other Twitter users grow their accounts. Power in Numbers! My Twitter page is not about me, it’s about President Trump, MAGA, and helping others grow their accounts & achieve their potential towards our common goal ... MAGA.

Shastina Sandman | @Shastina_Eloff | 130k+ Followers | ca

Trump supporters are united. And we are fighting battles everyday to keep the truth in front of the masses. My days are 17 hours long. I would say on average I spend 4 hours a day Tweeting. I love to bring great content to my followers. I love to let them in on what I’m doing to Make America Great Again, and I love to bring positivity, love, and keep morale up!

Sher4Trump | @sherrynron | 26k+ Followers | LA

This is the first time I have been a part of social media. I joined Twitter to stay up to date on Trump's messages. I started supporting Trump because he was not a politician and did not owe favors to anyone. I felt like our government needs cleaning up and President Trump is the man to do it. The relationship Trump supporters have with the President is very unique. We don't just support Trump, we have a strong bond with him. That is not easily broken. We want our country back. We want to enforce border security. I think most importantly, we want to hold our government accountable.


sт🛑ρ cεηs🚫яιηg c⭕️ηsεяvαтιvεs ᴛᴍ | @jcpenni7maga | 24k+ Followers | NY

The level of hostility on television disseminated from the left is very frightening and harmful to our country. When I enter my Twitter universe and connect with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who support our amazing agenda, everything seems right and my faith in our people is affirmed. I feel hope for our country, as its success becomes more and more a reality. What inspired me to promote Trump's MAGA agenda is the fact that the 2016 Election was about: Good vs. Evil; Nationalism vs. Globalism; America First vs. The Globalist Agenda. I devote 1-3 hours per day on Twitter, depending on how much info there is to digest. I tweet from my stationary bike/treadmill usually in the evening 3-5 times per week. I may tweet while I am waiting for dinner to cook or while I’m watching TV. What I am striving to achieve within my Twitter realm of influence is to convert those on the fence or the left to support our MAGA agenda. I also somehow feel connected with very influential people in our country, some of whom have followed me back. I have felt the pulse of America reflected on Twitter. We are finding each other, uniting and spreading messages of truth, support and prayers for our country and our great President. We extend our hand to those who do not support our agenda -to come together and find common ground on important issues-an "olive branch", if you will.

Trump Twitter.jpg

Ken Jones | @sxdoc | 130k Followers | OK

I have family and can’t allow our country to be sold to the highest bidder.  I have made many close friends in different countries over Twitter: People I talk to every day which is more than I do with my siblings. We share ideas from different countries and I often post what some people feed me. Friends in Lebanon and Moscow reveal that the news there is even controlled by the government and we really don’t get the facts by watching MSM. In Moscow, we see people and families have same desires we have for love, security and peace. We hope to correct the news and help followers have advance warning about impending events. We hope to assist Trump to get his policies in place and enforced in spite of Globalists billionaires who will sell America for a profit. We hope to get Blacks and Hispanics and Puerto Ricans to know Trump is FOR THEM, just not about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.


Shell Covfefe | @michellermed | 36k Followers | NY

I joined Twitter because unfortunately we have an extremely biased and hostile MSM who care only about taking Trump down rather than reporting the facts. The #MAGA movement greatly influenced the election, and we as a force are vital in spreading the news of his many accomplishments to further garner support.  I try to be a voice for President Trump by tweeting his America First agenda on a daily basis. It seems to help drown out the overly negative voices heard on most news outlets. I focus on inspiring people to dig deeper by offering alternative sources to research in order to get the full story.

American cat'ia | @Cb681444 | 32.6k Followers | NY

I live in NYC and I have always admired Trumps success and perseverance.  Trump is a successful billionaire and I have always believed we needed a businessman to run this country, who better than him. I met him many years ago at a conference in Manhattan. He was engaging and interested in my story about being the American dream, building a small business from the ground up. He shook my hand and told me he was always so proud of women that achieve success. He meant it sincerely. It was then, I hope he would someday run for president. I was thrilled to see his announcement. I was already a staunch conservative on Twitter; pounding away at the Obama failures to our country. Soon after he announced, I was invited to work on his campaign. I also learned around the same time I had cancer. So while I battled my disease I took on the challenge to battle for him as well. This gave me something to focus on while I had my surgeries and treatments. I was also invited to work in Trump Tower on the campaign but that was impossible with my illness and my career obligations. I was so disappointed I could not do that. Bottom line, I am all in 100% support of President Trump and nothing will deter my loyalty to him.


SKY45 | @SKYRIDER4538 | 42k Followers | US

I joined twitter simply because Facebook wasn’t effective enough, and I needed to do more to help President Trump Make America Great Again. Via Twitter, I have a direct line to my President and I can effectively voice my opinion, unless I am being censored. I have supported President Trump’s agenda from the day he announced he was running! Why? Because he spoke my language, he is not bought, he is smart and loves America. As a legal immigrant from Iran (naturalized citizen), a former Muslim and a woman, I can help shed some light on the misconceptions about Islam and immigration based on personal experience. I spend several hours a day reading to stay current with political issues, making my voice and views heard. My goal is to be able to reach out to the undecided voters for the 2018 and 2020 elections. I have also developed a newfound respect for our active duty service members as well as our veterans. I will continue to support them and I am currently looking into furthering my education focusing on veterans with PTSD.

MAGA_Utah | @bsgirl2u | 25.5k Followers | UT

Got involved supporting Trump in Aug 2017 after realizing friends and family members were zombies & would never make it through the 7 stages of the grieving process. They hit anger and NEVER moved onto the acceptance phase. I supported DJT from beginning. Has been consistent throughout his life and stated repeatedly he felt he should leave governing up to the politicians, UNLESS it reached a point he felt he could make a difference. I worked for 27 years in government; the stories I could tell speak to ineffective leadership and continued practices that leave no choice but fraud waste and abuse. 

Fran Cifelli | @FranCifelli | 38.5k Followers | NV

I'm on Twitter almost every night for at least 3 hours. I'm going to be 74 in August and married 55+ yrs to my husband, who recently retired from Las Vegas Fire Dept after 22+ yrs.  We have been with President Trump from day 1 and I firmly believe he will make this country much better, which is desperately needed. President Trump liked one of my tweets last year, as well as on my other Twitter accounts - four times in November and December of 2017.  I was very honored.  I'm followed by many very important and influential accounts.  I love my followers. 


Patrick Slevin is a former Florida GOP mayor who heads SL7 Consulting based in Tallahassee, Florida.  His website www.PatrickSlevin.com