You’re the right person, at the right time, for the right interview situation.  You’ve got your talking points down, sound and lights are ready, and boom you’re on live TV crushing your interview either in studio or via live feed. 

The interview could not have gone better.  You owned it and the host expresses her gratitude, thanking you for being on the program.  Then, right before you sign off, everything goes south and you blow it.  The image you crafted for yourself of control, knowledge and persona has been canceled out by 5 careless words repeated every day in news media by both pro and amateur guests alike.

Guests end their strong interviews with a weak, sheepish uttering of “THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME.”

What the heck does that mean?!  The impression it gives is that you and your team pitched their producer or editor, and by some charitable act of mercy they decided to put you on the program.  Sure, you’re appreciative of them selecting you so you can further your book, product or persona. 

However, don’t let that appreciation get the better of you and now come across to your audience as being indebted to the host for “asking you to come on the show.” That’s the desired impression you want to end on. 

In other words, viewers believe the show brings on the best voices to speak on topics, which is why you’re on the show as a guest.  When guests sign off saying “THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME” it creates the impression that you asked to be on the show and you’re grateful for the chance to speak.

It just comes across as weak and passive.  It undermines any persuasive or influential perspectives you generated during the interview or debate. 

It would be better and stronger just to say “Thank You” or “You Bet” or simply nodding yes with approval.

Follow this immediate tip and you will finish strong and complete the desired impressions you wish to convey.   

THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG…see what I mean…it just doesn’t resonate well and looks desperate. 

Keep on crushing your media interviews!!


Patrick Slevin is a nationally recognized communications and stakeholder engagement consultant offering C-Suite leaders over 20 years of corporate, agency, government, political and not-for-profit communications experience. 

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Slevin is a former Florida mayor.  He is a two-time winner of the PRSA Silver Anvil Award of Excellence for Crisis & Issues Management.  Influence Magazine named Slevin one of the "Great Communicators".  Slevin has been recognized by Campaigns & Elections Magazine as one of the nation’s top political “Movers’ & Shakers".  He is head of Florida-based SL7 Consulting.