a reputation of getting projects "across the finish line"!  

Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce Coalition

Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce Coalition

“Patrick Slevin is brilliant and he truly turns crisis into opportunities. Out-of-state interests launched a $200,000 PR campaign against the Federation, so we hired Patrick Slevin. His A-team quickly orchestrated a rapid and comprehensive campaign that not only elevated our association’s reputation, but quickly reclaimed the strategic high ground that drove our narratives from Florida to Washington, D.C.” 

- Deborah Tannenbaum, Florida Peanut Federation

“Patrick Slevin identified key opinion leaders and skillfully ensured the messages were carried onward in all forms of media. Patrick exceeded my highest expectations and he has made a significant positive impact in advancing the national security interests of the United States.”

-  General Charles “Chuck” Horner, USAF  (Retired)

Florida Peanut Federation

Florida Peanut Federation

"When the entire world was watching and billions of dollars were on the line, Patrick Slevin provided the Florida Insurance Council exceptional counsel.  We have worked with Patrick and his consulting firm on special projects for over a decade. I highly recommend his professional consulting services."

-  Cecil Pearce, Florida Insurance Council, Inc. 

"Patrick Slevin was retained to help Hines Interests secure public support for our Chicago project. He successfully engaged key community leaders and stakeholders that led to favorable site plan approvals by local elected officials. Patrick's knowledge about social and political dynamics is unmatched and he certainly enhanced our community outreach efforts."

-  Greg Van Schaack, Hines Interests

“Patrick is one of the best that I’ve worked with in getting community support for controversial land use projects. He is completely coordinated with legal and political strategies, adept at crafting messaging, and very effective in building stakeholder bridges in the community.  I first met him about a decade ago, and during that time we’ve work on client projects, where we’ve always had great results. If I know that I have a controversial project (which is getting increasingly more the case), I always recommend Patrick to my clients and colleagues.”

Florida St. Hispanic Chamber Endorses Sen. Dana Young (2018)

Florida St. Hispanic Chamber Endorses Sen. Dana Young (2018)

-  Brian Seymour, Esq., Partner, Gunster Law Firm

General Charles "Chuck" Horner, USAF Retired

General Charles "Chuck" Horner, USAF Retired

"Patrick Slevin's extensive network of contacts, aptitude for framing perspectives and partnership philosophy positioned our company for immediate success.  He quickly advanced our corporate goals with influencers in the public sector, exceeding our highest expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to refer corporate leaders in need of SL7 Consulting's services.”

-  Piyush Patel, Kyra Solutions Inc.

"A politically savvy PR and public affairs firm.”

 -  O’Dwyer’s Newsletter

“Patrick led a statewide bi-partisan business coalition that not only shifted stakeholder perspectives, but made legislative history in 2016.  Patrick successfully turned Florida into an outlier that has empowered a nationwide movement to protect the freedom of millions of LGBT Americans." 

-  Matthew McTighe, Freedom for All Americans

"SL7 Consulting took the complexities of our Medicaid-based managed care model and created narratives that quickly educated a coalition of stakeholders and decision makers. What began as an one-off assignment with Patrick's firm has evolved into a longer-term partnership."

Michael Deaver

Michael Deaver

-  Jay Tome, Our Children PSN of Florida, LLC

"Our industry was faced with a national crisis and Florida was on the frontlines.  We retained Patrick Slevin who turned crisis into our finest hour. Patrick's ability to quickly find solutions is why we retained SL7 Consulting."

-  Ted Smith, Florida Auto Dealers Association

“I highly recommend Patrick to anyone needing a top notch consultant for politics, negotiations, crisis management or social media branding of your company. Patrick came to us highly recommended from a top public official who supports the causes of law enforcement in Florida.  Patrick’s strategic communications and political counsel immediately elevated our collective-bargaining positions with the city.  Patrick had a unique ability to quickly digest changing information during our negotiations and posture our positions in a way that always gave us the leverage needed to achieve our mission.” 

-  Steve Zona, Fraternal Order of Police    

"Iluka Resources' U.S. operations required a strategic communications and stakeholder engagement plan to thoughtfully win public support for our mining permit application in North Carolina. Patrick's public risk assessment, strategic counsel, media outreach and stakeholder engagement services ensured community leaders were well informed in the decision-making process. In late 2013, a key local permit was approved by a super majority vote and Patrick's contribution was evident in advancing Iluka's business goals; I'm pleased to recommend him."

 -  Matthew Blackwell, Iluka Resources U.S. Operations

"Patrick helped the Beer Industry of Florida directly influence the public debate on the preservation of Florida's alcohol beverage laws."

 -  Eric Criss, Beer Industry of Florida

"Patrick Slevin specializes in overcoming neighborhood opposition to new projects." 

 -  Florida Trend Magazine

Admiral William McRaven, USN

Admiral William McRaven, USN

"Ex-Mayor Patrick Slevin rethinks NIMBYism...Slevin's central belief is that developers and corporations combat NIMBYism in an improper way. Rather than defending after the 'NIMBY genie leaves the bottle', project applicants need to be more proactive." 

 -  Real Estate Weekly

"Patrick Slevin is a fierce endurance competitor and Death Racer.  He consults like he races: bold, innovative and collaborative. Spartan Races retained Patrick to realign a pilot program that was poorly performing.  In less than 60 days, Patrick identified the silos that threatened the pilot program and streamlined procedures and reporting that ensured success. His specialized consulting work had a direct impact on our company’s performance and bottom line.”

-  Joe De Sena, Spartan Races, Inc. 

"Our medical marijuana legislation attracted powerful opposition at the state capitol.  Patrick shaped a pro-medical marijuana narrative that enabled hesitant stakeholders to publicly support and pass our bills.  Patrick's work helped open the door for needed medical relief for hundreds of thousands of suffering patients across the state." 

-  Cerise Zhvania, Florida Medical Cannabis Association

Tim Bogott, CEO of Tradewinds Island Resorts

Tim Bogott, CEO of Tradewinds Island Resorts

“Patrick provided key insights, consulting, campaign design and guidance based on his keen knowledge of local politics, government processes, public relations and communications.”

-  Tim Bogott, CEO of Tradewinds Island Resorts

“Patrick Slevin did an outstanding job of promoting NFIB’s public policy and political priorities.”

-  Jack Faris, National Federation of Independent Business

“Patrick is one of the best communicators I have ever met. He is full of talent, skills and ability.”

- Tim Jackson, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

Citizens for a Better Edgewater Coalition

Citizens for a Better Edgewater Coalition

“Patrick’s strategic planning, political expertise and civic specialties secured political approvals for our master-planned community not only at city hall, but also at the ballot box…Patrick’s political and grassroots services got our project across the finish line.”

-  Don Mears, Jr., GS Florida

“In a very short period of time, Patrick established a grassroots network that not only expedited voter registration and education, but mobilized over 15,000 business owners and voters across the county. I strongly recommend Patrick Slevin.”

 -  Dixie Hollins, Citrus Mining & Timber

“Patrick has to be one of the most talented communications pros I have ever worked with. He knows his job, he'll become an expert on your company and then he'll set to work on becoming an expert on your competition. He knows how to work with people and, while a lot of people say they've done a little bit of everything in the communications business---Patrick has done a lot of everything and done it very well. As a former colleague of Patrick's at NFIB, I can vouch for his professionalism and his work. I can't recommend him highly enough."

 -  Pete Havel, North Texas Tollway Authority

“Your session on NIMBYism was excellent – most certainly one of the best workshops of the conference. The information you provided was extremely beneficial to city officials as they plan for the future needs of their communities.”

 -  Carole Graves, Tennessee Municipal League

What typically starts out as short-term consulting projects based on immediate necessity, often evolves into long-term partnerships based on results and trust. We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with a diversity of clients (from foreign nations and multi-national Fortune 15 Companies to private corporations and not-for-profits), many of whom have become partners and friends over the decades.