Patrick Slevin, NIMBY Problem Solver

Patrick Slevin, a former Florida mayor, has earned a national reputation as a speaker, author, trainer and C-Suite consultant who specializes in deterring, diminishing and defeating status quo opposition infamously known as NIMBY.  

Mr. Slevin provides multinational and regional clients strategic communications, stakeholder optimization and corporate training services focused on thoughtfully reducing the risks of status quo resistance to corporate real estate development.




SL7 Consulting provides the following "perspective shift" services specifically focused on reducing the risks stemming from status quo opposition, while winning the social license to operate for sustainable and controversial projects:

  • Integrated & Strategic Communications
  • Crisis Management 
  • Social Risk Assessments & Screenings
  • Stakeholder & Field Engagement
  • Public Hearing & Community Meetings
  • Digital & Traditional Media
  • Ballot Box Initiatives
  • Corporate Workshops & Training (see below)
  • SWOT Assessments (C-Suite to City Hall)
  • Program Development & Implementation

Patrick can be reached at 850.597.0423 and


“Patrick came highly recommended as a speaker and expert. His strategies and insights on successfully preventing and overcoming the risks of NIMBY was one of the highlights of our National Advisory Council meeting.”

       - BOMA International

Patrick Slevin is a nationally recognized professional speaker on leadership, change management and stakeholder communications. His keynote, workshop and panelist presentations typically cover corporate leadership, political risk management, corporate campaigns, social sustainability, workforce empowerment, integrated communications and stakeholder engagement.

Call Patrick today to secure him for your next conference, membership meeting or corporate retreat.   

Non-honorarium venues are considered on a case-by-case basis.   

Patrick can be reached at 850.597.0423 and  


“Your session on NIMBYism was excellent – most certainly one of the best workshops of the conference."

       -  Tennessee Municipal League

Archaic hearing processes, outdated corporate practices, and digitally-savvy, anti-development activists expose corporate developers to increased risks for status quo opposition – even for the most sustainable of projects. 

Corporate developers no longer have to “roll the dice” in communities when faced with the uncertainties created by NIMBY resistance. Patrick Slevin’s corporate workshops range from one hour to weekly (multi-location) seminars for multi-national corporations and regional developers. 

Corporate workshops are individually calibrated to address the unique needs of the client. However, the end result of every workshop is the same: Imparting knowledge, strategies, and practices that will reduce the risk of NIMBY related political rejections, while significantly increasing the odds of winning the social license to operate. 

Key elements of the workshops include, but not limited to the following: 

  • When Does NIMBYism Begin?
  • What is the NIMBY Law of Attraction?
  • How to Break the NIMBY Law of Attraction?
  • How Does a Sustainable Application Suddenly Turn Into a Political Football?
  • Who is Opposing Your Project?: What You See, Isn’t Always What You Get.
  • Rational vs. Emotional Narratives:  Legal, Logical, Sustainable vs. Political, Emotional, Ego.
  • How to Influence the Influencers.
  • Fear of Change, the “Devil You Know” Mindset.
  • The Politics of Perception.
  • Corporate Responsibility:  How to Successfully Elevate Your Corporate Reputation During a Project Crisis
  • How the Digital Age has Changed the Rules of Engagement.
  • The Pros/Cons of Hiring Local Political/PR Consultants.
  • Why You Need a Community Engagement Component.
  • The Critical Path:  Designing, Executing and Implementing Corporate Outreach.
  • Eliminating Your Corporate Blindspots & Silos to Empower Field Engagement.
  • Updating Your Policies, Procedures and Practices to Win the Community License to Operate (More involved workshop requiring pre-discovery and client reporting/organization).

Contact Patrick Slevin today to learn more about how his corporate workshops can begin to have an immediate impact toward passing your multi-million dollar real estate investments around the globe.  

Patrick can be reached at 850.597.0423 and