SL7 Consulting offers bilingual communications leveraging our iPR methodology of influence.

The Secret to Public Relations Begins with the Power of "i".  Once you understand the power of "i", then you can have a greater impact on how you influence, inspire and impress audiences.

The power of I in influential public relations is infinite, but here is a list of SL7 Consulting’s top 7 descriptors that will impact, impress and inspire stakeholders: 

1.      individual: Results do not happen without individual participation. Individuals represent our targeted audience of consumers, voters, shareholders, donors, public officials, legislators and influencers. Messaging and communication channels are fashioned to infiltrate their filters and inspire the desired action.

2.      internet: iPR positions credible information that’s interactive on the net beginning with your website. iPR Digital is empowered by integrated communications spanning social media, SEO, email marketing, branding, reputation management, and online advertising. 

3.      impressions: Whether it’s changing minds or reinforcing status quo attitudes, iPR offers innovative narratives and interactive impressions that instill perspectives that are favorable to your company, campaign or cause. 

4.      initiatives: Whether it's crisis leadership, corporate communications, reputation management, public affairs, issues advocacy, zoning & development, public relations or influencer engagement, SL7 Consulting will get your high-profile, high-stakes projects and programs across the finish line. 

5.      issues: Federal, state and local policymakers impact the market share of industries. SL7 Consulting’s iPR mobilizes influencers and generates impressions that sway public officials at city hall, home districts, state capitals and Capitol Hill. 

6.      intercepts: iPR effectively intercepts crisis and initiates crisis leadership best practices that create opportunities for corporate and community goodwill.   

7.      integration: iPR services are interchangeable and interactive within a cadre of communications specialties producing the right formula for persuasive communications and stakeholder engagement.

SL7 Consulting helps successful leaders become even more successful by influencing mediums, medias and minds of people with persuasive communications and stakeholder engagement.


  • Reputation Management

  • Crisis Leadership

  • Corporate Communications

  • Public Relations

  • Public Affairs

  • Digital Integrated Marketing

    • Web Development

    • Digital Branding

    • Internet Marketing

    • Mobile Apps

    • Pay Per Click

    • SEO/Search Engine Marketing

  • Campaign Management

  • Issues Advocacy

  • Influencer Mobilization

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Coalition Building

  • Digital/Social Media Strategy and Management

  • Video Communications


  • Corporate Public Relations

  • Public Affairs

  • Zoning & Development

  • Digital Influence

  • Government Relations

    • Congressional

    • Legislative Sessions

    • Municipal

  • Grassroots Operations

  • Political/Ballot Measures

Consulting's integrated communications engagement services are available to help you get your high-profile, high-stakes project across the finish line.

Call Patrick Slevin to learn more about how we will meet and exceed your already high expectations for success.  Phone: 850.597.0423. Email: P.SL7@patrickslevin.com.   

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Briefing the Press Corps on Key Legislation

Briefing the Press Corps on Key Legislation